Carbon Perfect® company was established in 2009 as the car studio and specialized in external tuning. In three years, the company directed it’s activity in the production of carbon details, seeing the perspective of application of this activity in the goods production, based on advanced technologies. Modern equipment purchasing makes it possible to produce different automobile components and laminate different interior items, accessories and serial production details with the carbon fiber.

Modern composite technologies offer new possibilities in quality improvement, strength characteristics and appearance of different types of goods to the world. First of all, we talk about automobile interior and separate parts of its body. The carbon material takes precedence in this direction. It has increased ease and extraordinary strength, it isn’t subject to destructive environmental influence and remains environmentally friendly material. It can be considered the material of the near future that will replace easy damaged wood and expensive metals. For these reasons, our company took it as a basis for products making, because there are no doubts in high quality of this material.

Today, Carbon Perfect® company offers a wide range of services in the field of the composite technologies:

3D scanning, modeling;

production of matrices and rigging;

CNC milling ;

laser processing,engraving;

vacuum molding, heat treatment;

finishing treatment to end-product;

carbon lamination of products made of metal and plastic;

repair of products made of composite materials

We hire only qualified staff, who have passed special training. We use the high-precision equipment and creative approach in our work that allows us to fulfill any objectives, regardless of their complexity and customer's wishes. Our professional approach to the work covers:

special attention to each of our customer;

application of unique processing methods to achieve the maximum strength;

not saving the resources in order to not to damage the appearance of the product and it’s technical options;

carrying out the orders in a short time;

making the details for premium cars, thinking through all the small details and carefully outline each contour.

With the development of the mobile technology Carbon Perfect® paid the due attention to the production of the cell phone carbon holsters. Production technologies allow achieving a record minimum thickness and provide reliable protection for the fragile gadget. Slight weight of this cellphone holster doesn’t affect the user functions and it’s decorative surface gives the device the new original appearance.

Among the automobile products you can buy:

overlays on mirrors;

eyelids on the headlights;

rear and front inserts;



rear splitter;

cell phone holsters;

other parts.

You can contact us for the purchasing of the already made products or for an individual order. We are ready to make a product of any complexity and perfected it. The final product will have a minor weight, an amazing decorative appearance and high strength parameters.

Carbon Perfect is the team of professional people with the wide experience of work, large production workshop and modern technological equipment. We will make your ideas of any field come true with the modern composite technologies. Our company is always looking to the future to have an opportunity of offering the customers the best decisions.