Linings of the mirrors

Linings of the mirrors

Reference: Lex-E6


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Lexus LX is the personification of the taste and style of its owner. The linings of the mirrors made of carbon becomes the exclusive addition to the design of the vehicle and allows increasing its strength characteristics. Carbon detail is the important part of the external style and a truly competent step to achieve a beautiful appearance of the automobile. The detail is distinguished by smooth lines and a memorable shine. Those who love carbon will appreciate the structure of its surface that represents an amazing interlacing of carbon fibers. With the light weigh the surface of the detail has an increased strength. On its surface there will be no chips, scratches or other defects. With the carbon detail the automobile gets absolutely new appearance. Thanks to the observance of the manufacturing technology and quality control on every stage of product making, finished detail has the maximum technical parameters. Furthermore, it will be significantly different from the cheap Chinese fakes and its appearance absolutely won’t be like a vinyl wrap that is a weak imitation of the carbon surface.


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